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Universal Car Covers

At Atersa Com you can find normal or under vest types of universal car covers for any type of car. The materials and design used insure both remarkable comfort during driving and an attractive visual appearance. These car covers are easy to assemble, durable and easy to maintain.

In order to obtain the most profitable price you can acquire universal car covers provided by Atersa Com trough the wholesale scheme.

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Customized car covers

Atersa Com guarantees the best customization of the shape and size of the car covers, to ensure the best fit on the profile of your car. We take into consideration the features of the existing facilities of your car, like side airbags, split bench seats, three point back seatbelt, back armrest, front armrest, tables and seat pockets.

The materials used for the production of the car covers are semi-waterproof and fireproof, which guarantees a long resistance of them. The car covers are made from materials like: textiles, leatherette, and leather. To visualize the materials and colors available for the car covers, you are invited to consult the following images:

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Atersa Com offers free assembly for the customized car covers, in order to have the certitude that the experience in your car is enjoyable and to remove any inconvenience that could appear due to possible assembly errors.

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For more information about car covers and orders please contact us at:
» Phone number 0723 781 506 or 0264 454 088
» Or at the address from the contact page of the site