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Atersa Com LLC is a company from Cluj Napoca specialized in producing and selling of car covers.

Why car covers? Because every one of us is spending more and more time in the car, and maintaining it clean is a very important task. The tapestry of your car can be protected with the use of car covers, that by this mean stop deterioration.

Car covers can be found in auto shops, hypermarkets and auto fairs, but a true car enthusiast will recognize the advantage of qualified consultancy in choosing them, because there is a possibility that the car covers you choose will not fit the shape and size of the seats or do not allow the opening of the airbags and the correct function of the seat-belts.

That is why customization is recommended, available at Atersa Com, which offers the possibility to choose the materials, colors, the embroidery of the car covers, while considering the technical specifications of your car.